Public night

7:30pm, Fri, 28 May 2021

  • Event Details
  • Production: 'Avatar' & 'The Donahue Sisters'
    Type of event: Public Performance
    Duration: 2.5 hr
    Ticket pricing/options: Adult $22
    Concession $16
    Member $12
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    Online bookings will open April 1

    Two one act plays directed by Beth Geohegan


    a comedy by Mark Lucas 

    "Stupidity flies on broken wings”

    Virgil is no angel but when he comes face to face with Grieving widow Anastasia, while burgling her home, he wears a different hat … or is that halo? Anastasia waking from a faint believes him to be an angel with a message from her newly departed husband.  An open window and Virgil’s brolly-wielding nemesis in the form of Anastasia’s conniving best friend Charlotte, add to his misfortune as the race for the inheritance turns into a battle of half-wits.

    The Donahue Sisters

    a drama by Geraldine Aron 

    "All for One and One for All the Donahue Sisters stick together"

    Three estranged sisters- Rosie, Denise and Annie, are reunited at their family home with the looming death of their father. They sit in the attic – their old playroom, surrounded by the detritus of their childhood - drinking, smoking tokes and sniping at each other about their failed lives and relationships. When the clock strikes 2 the sisters perform a ritual re-enactment of a chilling event from their childhood. The end of the ritual leaves them with a renewed and sinister sense of purpose.