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for "The Mousetrap" (Sunday March 17th at 2pm)

Auditions for the world famous classic thriller

"The Mousetrap"

by Agatha Christie

Directed by:    Adrian Smith
A timeless tale of “whodunit,” Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap strands seven strangers at Monkswell Manor during a blizzard.  But a police sergeant unexpectedly arrives, worried that a murderer-at-large is among the guests of the Manor.  Before he can investigate, one of the guests is killed, starting an investigation into the lives and histories of everyone there. One of them is the killer, and another one of them may be next.  Will the police be able to solve the case before another “mouse” falls? 

The world’s longest continuously running play for over 60 years, The Mousetrap continues to delight and intrigue mystery lovers of all ages. See

Performance dates: 
19, 20,   22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27,   29, 30, 31 July and  1, 2, 3 August 2019
(14 performances)

Location:  Toowoomba Repertory Theatre   94 Margaret Street

Parts to be cast:
Mollie Ralston: 
A young woman with an ingenuous air, the wife of Giles Ralston, Mollie is the owner of Monkswell Manor, a Victorian era estate that has recently been converted into a guest house.
Giles Ralston: 
Mollie’s husband of one year, Giles is a slightly arrogant young man and is the co-host of Monkswell Manor.
Christopher Wren: 
A flighty, obviously neurotic young man, Christopher Wren is a guest at Monkswell Manor.

Miss Casewell:  A young woman of manly type, Miss Casewell, another guest at Monkswell Manor, remains mysteriously aloof from the other guests.

Detective Sergeant Trotter:  A late arriving guest at Monkswell Manor, Detective Trotter, a cheerful young man, is trying to establish a relationship between any of the guests and a murder already committed at another location.

Audition Pack

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Other Characters - (these roles have been pre-cast)

Mrs. Boyle:  Stern and generally unpleasant, Mrs. Boyle is a guest at Monkswell Manor.
Major Metcalf:  A typical retired British military officer, Major Metcalf is a guest at Monkswell Manor.
Mr. Paravicini:  An unexpected guest at Monkswell Manor, Mr. Paravicini is a rather flamboyant foreign gentleman, there only because his car became stuck in a snowbank during a terrible blizzard. 

Crew positions also need to be filled.

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