July Green Room

Sat, 3 Jul 2021

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  • Sat, 3 Jul 2021: 7:30pm View details | Book tickets
    St Joan (first scene) by George Bernard Shaw

    This will be a glimpse of Shaw’s magnificent play about the most famous French woman in history, and a saint to boot!  We get to see the effect of this extraordinary young peasant woman on the hard-bitten and seasoned soldiers, bending them gently but inexorably to her (and God’s) will, and setting the scene for the momentous events to follow.  As Bertrand de Poulengey, gentleman-at-arms, said, ”There is something about her!”

    Mr Foot by Michael Frayn

    A tour de force for an actor and actress - and a foot.  It seems the man's foot jiggles uncontrollably at various moments and the woman enjoys discussing this with a little man who isn't there.  A delightful and thought-provoking look at the relationship between a rather cold and dominating husband and his somewhat neurotic wife, with an underlying message very pertinent to current affairs.