Our History

The Toowoomba Repertory Theatre Society was formed at a public meeting held in August 1930 with Sir Littleton Groom as its first President. By November of that same year they were ready for a two night run on the Town Hall stage.

The play was A.A. Milne's "The Dover Road" directed by Mrs. G. Humpreys. The production was considered a success by all concerned. By 1935 they had leased their own club house for meetings, rehearsals and social events. Then in 1946 a loan was secured to buy these premises. In 1951 this loan was paid out and the Society began to discuss the possibility of building their own 200 seat theatre. Fate (or rather the City Council) intervened and their club house was resumed to build a new road and the rest of the land was sold.

For a number of years the Society again rented a meeting room while awaiting the release of money from their property sale. In 1964 with funds now available the Society began its search for a new home - a private residence at 94 Margaret Street was purchased and converted into a 124 seat theatre.

The new theatre was officially opened on the 1st of August and its inaugural production was "Watch It, Sailor", which opened on the 5th of August.

The building has undergone many changes, extensions and improvements - the Society too has gone through many changes, extensions and improvements!
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